Autotriz Coatings

German Origin

Our Nano Ceramic Coating is 100% formulated in Germany. Germany has been advanced in creating an extensive range of chemicals, coatings and bonding materials engineered to exceed the world’s highest standards of quality. Today, we are proud to introduce the world’s most innovative surface protection materials called “AUTOTRIZ”, for the most demanding applications in Automotive, Marine, Building or Industrial.

Products Range

3D Matrix Coating

V1 - 3D Matrix Coating

A revolutionary coating that utilizes three-dimensional (3D) matrix nano structure technology to produce extreme clarity, amazing reflection and gloss on the paint.

hybrid coating

V2 - Hybrid Coating

The latest formulation that combines the Pure Glass Coating and the unique 3D Matrix Coating. It’s blend of inorganic materials which creates a hard protective barrier on the paint surface.

Plastic ceramic coating

V3 - Plastic Coating

Plastic Coating – A special transparent protective layers that protects plastic and trim parts. Offers excellent resistance & does not crack, bubble, peel or discolor at temperature up to 700°C.

Wheel Ceramic Coating

V4 - Wheel Coating

The toughest protective barrier that bonds strongly on metal, aluminium or chrome wheels. It has extreme heat resistance and contaminant resistance to efficiently repels brake dust, road grime and dirt.

Glass Ceramic Coating

V5 - Glass Coating

New nano technology fluorine-based protection for glass surface. provides extreme durability and super water repellent properties to allow water flowing off windscreen at speed as low as 60 km/h.

Leather Ceramic Coating

V6 - Leather Coating

A non greasy leather nano coating that is formulated by the most advance acrylic latex emulsion with an extra ultra violet barrier. Protects against permanent staining from food and drinks to preserve leather.

Car Ceramic Coating Packages

” A Car is an Extension of my Personality “. Well, If you believe in such, We have a perfectly tailor made solutions to protect & take care of your personality. All our Car Ceramic Coatings comes in packages to fit your needs.

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Bike Ceramic Coating Packages

” The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike… you have to understand what she wants.” We at Autotriz know exactly what she wants, so that you have a good relation with your bike!

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Product FAQ

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The cars we work on can compete with a brand new car!

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We always use biodegradable materials for every process!

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